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Making a wonderful product isn't always enough to sell it; labels and packaging designs are crucial. Ideashits will ensure that yours designs stands out as a high-end product.


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Our design has a natural flow, and our team creates designs in a very innovative style that takes design to the next level. With today's design and standards in mind, we produce new and minimalist designs.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are questions that are frequently asked and answered on a website concerning a specific topic. It answers the most often asked questions by customers and is incredibly valuable to them because it begins with a question and then answers it simply. Customers can also receive assistance from a chatbot.

    01 What is packaging and cover design?

    Packaging design is the shape, color, graphic, typography all elements are combined to create a product that is fit for marketing. Cover design is important element for every book that stand out on the shelf.

    02 What steps are involved in process of packaging design?

    There are following steps that are involved in the process of packaging design.

    • Recognize the layers
    • Pick the right kind of packing
    • Create the information
    • Analyze packaging design concept
    • Take feedbacks
    • Get the appropriate files

    03 What makes the good packaging design?

    Creativeness and Uniqueness makes the packaging design good. Packaging design needs something different  and something unique which are more appealing to the customers. The design must capture the people interests when they enter in the market.

    04 How long does it take to design book cover?

    Normally, it takes 10 to 12 days of work, but longer tasks, such artwork, may require up to 20 days of work.

    05 What is custom packaging design?

    Custom packaging design is design to meet the needs of your brand and the products you sell, It is the packaging that is specifically design from a scratch to meet the demands of the business.

    06 Which software use to design cover and packaging design?

    Many designer use different software’s to design the packaging and cover design mostly designer use software are.

    • Adobe Illustrator
    • Adobe InDesign
    • Adobe Spark
    • Canva
    • GIMP

    07 When designing a book cover what is most crucial?

    When designing the Book cover the designer must use important elements to make the design unique and attractive which catch the audience interest some elements are.

    • Typography
    • Cover design
    • Layout of the book
    • Select the theme
    • Choose the colors
    • Use focused image that help to tell your story
    • Make contrast to create stunning covers.

    08 How much does cost when designing a book cover?

    A professional designer charge for the normally book cover design cost between $500 and $800. However the simple cover is less expensive then professional cover design.

    09 What is the purpose of packing product design?

    The purpose of packing product design refers to the appearance of the product , its appearance use the colors, fonts, and different graphics to make it good and eye catching to the customers.

    10 What is product packaging designs?

    Product packaging design refers to the appearance of the product its image, color, typography, structure with beautiful design elements to make the product unique and eye catching to target audience.

    11 How many types of packaging designs?

    There are many types of Packaging designs the main are

    • Primary
    • Secondary
    • Tertiary

    12 How to stand out your packaging and cover design?

    If you want to stand out your packaging and cover design from your competitors you must hire a professional designer and work with them to design your ideas and make the world shine with your thoughts.