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Brand Designers

We have a team of expert brand designers responsible for creating, redesigning and refreshing a distinct identity for a your brand or business. In other words, we create a unique brand identity for your company or organisation.

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We are expert brand designers with a passion for growth. Do you want to start a brand with a unique identity? We are here to help.

Brand Design Process

What is our brand design process? 

We take great satisfaction at Ideahits in creating distinctive and alluring brand identities that connect with audiences and make an impression. In order to create brands that stand out in today’s dynamic marketplace, our brand design approach is a methodically planned journey that blends strategic thinking and creative creativity.

Discovery and Research: Unveiling Insights

We set out on a trip of exploration before we put pen to paper. We examine your industry’s competitive landscape in-depth, analysing market trends. By conducting in-depth research, we are able to uncover information about the tastes and actions of your target audience, which paves the way for a strong brand strategy.

Strategy Blueprint: Forging the Brand Foundation

We carefully collaborate with you to develop your brand’s purpose, vision, and core values after gathering insights. We carefully define your unique value proposition (UVP) and establish a competitive advantage for you in the market. Our creative endeavours are guided by this strategic strategy.

Visual Identity Design: Bringing Your Brand to Life

The visual storytelling can now start. Our talented designers carefully create a distinctive logo that captures the spirit of your brand. We carefully choose a colour scheme that arouses the appropriate feelings and choose fonts that reflect the character of your business. In order to achieve consistency and aesthetic impact across all touchpoints, imagery and images are carefully selected.

Crafting Compelling Messages: The Heart of Communication

Words have tremendous power, and we use this power to develop persuasive marketing messaging. Our team creates a catchy tagline or slogan that clearly expresses the promise of your brand. We craft essential messages that communicate the principles, advantages, and solutions of your business, making sure that each communication reaches your target market.

Immersive Collateral: Making Every Detail Count

When it comes to bringing your brand to life on a variety of collateral, our inventiveness knows no limitations. Every piece we create, including business cards, packaging, brochures, and digital assets, incorporates your brand identity. The outcome? a collection of items that captures your audience’s attention and embodies your brand.

Digital Brilliance: Navigating the Online Sphere

In the modern digital age, having a good online presence is crucial. We seamlessly transform your brand identity for the online environment. While social media accounts, email templates, and other digital channels spread your brand’s visual personality, your website transforms into an enticing exhibition of your business.

Nurturing Internal Champions: Your Brand Ambassadors

The success of a brand originates from within. To make sure your internal stakeholders support and champion the new brand identity, we offer workshops, training, and communication campaigns. Your staff takes on the role of the brand’s live incarnation, instilling a sense of pride and ownership.

Unveiling and Amplification: Making an Impactful Debut

The big surprise is meticulously planned. We introduce your new brand identity with a carefully thought-out campaign that arouses interest and expectation. We generate buzz through a variety of marketing methods that introduces your business to the globe in a stylish and powerful way.

Monitoring and Evolution: Staying Ahead of the Curve

The launch is not the end of our journey. We keep a close eye on consumer opinion of our brands, collect feedback from them, and stay aware of market changes. We modify your brand strategy and design components as the market changes to make sure your brand is respected, robust, and current.

Consistency and Flourishing: A Brand That Endures

A successful brand must be consistent. We work with you to maintain a consistent brand presence throughout all of your interactions so that your audience has a satisfying and lasting experience. We are prepared to hone and revamp your brand as it changes, assuring its continued success.

Our brand design process at Ideahits is more than simply a set of steps; it’s a transforming journey that gives your brand the ability to leave its mark on the globe. Together, let’s go out on this journey and build a company that leaves a lasting impression.

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Our designer design a number of numerous designs which are full of creativity you can choose your right logo to represent your company. We delivered outstanding designs of logo which can make your brand stand out from others.


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We created a lot of logo and branding design through out of the years that are eye catching and stunning to stand out your business.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    04 What are elements of brand?

    Branding elements is used to establish the brand identity which is used by the designer to create minimalistic and attractive brand designs elements include.

    • Logo
    • Color palette
    • Shape
    • Tagline
    • Typography
    • Tone of voice
    • Imagery

    06 How to build a brand?

    Brand is the heart of your business. Brand is the one from which people know you who you are?. Building a new brand you must follow these steps

    • Pick your target audience
    • Focus on niche
    • Name of business
    • Make a logo
    • Choose attractive fonts and colors
    • Creating a catchy slogan
    • Advertise your brand

    07 Why is branding important?

    Branding is truly important branding has potential to transform peoples perceptions about your company. It drive the new business and raise your brand value but has the opposite effect also.

    11 How to make a brand name and logo?

    When you make a brand and a logo you must know

    • Search your target audience
    • Focus on your goal
    • Choose the name of your brand
    • Make a slogan
    • Make brand appearance
    • Design a attractive logo for your brand
    • Making brand guidelines

    12 How to develop brand strategy?

    A brand strategy is a written plan that a company creates or plans to make its image in the minds of customers or clients. Some rules to develop your brand strategy.

    • Determine who you are
    • Reach your target audience
    • What services and products do you offer?
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Create a distinct brand identity.

    12 I am Looking for Brand Designers Near Me? What to Do?

    Ideahits is a leading brand design agency. We have worked with top brands like Nestle and Caltex. If you want brand designers near you, we can provide our services. It does not matter when you live in the world. We work globally.

    12 Where Can I Find Brand Designers?

    Contact us today and we will arrange an expert brand designer for you.

    12 Where Can I Hire Brand Designers?

    You can hire brand designers at Ideahits.

    12 What is the Difference Between a Brand Designer and a Logo Designer?

    The process of creating a logo is known as logo design. Building a brand is the process of branding. To be more precise, it is a marketing tactic used by businesses to make it easier for customers to recognise their brand and products, as well as to persuade them to choose them over rivals’ offerings.

    12 Is Brand Design Same as Graphic Design?

    The most obvious distinction between graphic design and branding is that the former produces graphics for communication, whilst the latter develops a company’s coherent visual identity.

    12 What Does a Brand Designer Do?

    An illustrator and brand designer develops visual ideas and designs that complement a brand’s identity and satisfy the demands of customers and marketing teams. Using computer software or by hand, they produce artwork such as logos, packaging, and promotional materials.


    12 Why You Should Hire a Brand Designer?

    They’ll elevate your brand by producing images that are not only stunning to look at but also perfectly complement the narrative, mission, and values of your company. An expert brand designer has the knowledge and skills to differentiate your company from the competition and draw in your target market.



    12 What is the Difference Between Brand Design and Branding?

    Together, these components establish the mood for your brand’s visual portrayal. But at this point, branding and design are two distinct things. Design establishes the reputation of your brand, and your brand establishes the core values of your corporate objectives.




    12 Should I Hire a Designer for My Clothing Brand?

    For any clothing firm, whether it is a start-up or an established brand, hiring a fashion designer is crucial. It’s crucial to work with someone who is interested in your vision and how to bring it to life. You should decide how you want your business to seem before you engage a fashion designer.



    12 What Makes Brand Design Successful?

    While corporate identity focuses on customers, stakeholders, and shareholders as well, brand identity largely targets solely customers.




    12 What is Luxury Brand Design?

    A limited segment of consumers who seek the greatest quality, exceptional service, one-of-a-kind experiences, superior workmanship, and exclusivity are the emphasis of luxury brand design. To draw in these customers, your brand design’s language and graphic components must convey this.





    12 How Do I Create My Own Brand Name?