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The Step-by-Step Guide to Developing a Location-Based Messaging App

Regardless of which approach you choose, PubNub has a solution to add chat to your application. Instagram, Bloomberg, Pinterest, Skype, and Tesla are popular apps built on React Native. Even if the technical side of your chat app performs flawlessly, any emergence of a toxic or harmful online community will cripple the success of your chat app. The following table summarizes the pros and cons of buying an off-the-shelf chat app solution.

The wise idea is to implement a user sign-up option in one click via social media (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). These days, it is necessary to include the must-have features that would make the system work and apply some sort of innovation to make the app appealing to the target users. Our industry-leading expertise with app development across healthcare, fintech, and ecommerce is why so many innovative companies choose us as their multi messenger app technology partner. Our company has worked on several chats, including HIPAA-compliant messaging solutions. The team has solidified this experience in Telehealth Components that provide out-of-the-box video, audio, and text messaging, fully compliant with strict healthcare regulations. If chatting is the main feature and you can’t get all the necessary customizations from off-the-shelf solutions, use native or cross-platform technologies.

How to build a messenger app: By Step Guide

This gives you the flexibility to build native apps and/or cross platform apps. The SDKs also make it simpler to build chat capabilities into your existing systems and applications. If you want your chat app to run reliably in real time at a massive scale over a long period, while keeping everything updated and secure, Sendbird is a great choice. Sendbird also allows you to maintain and run a cost-effective backend and add new backward-compatible features. Some of these roadblocks are technical in nature, while others crop up on the business side.

Our philosophy is to be as open and transparent as possible, so we always discuss prices and timeframes beforehand. With having a huge base of dedicated users globally that reaches the dazzling number of 2 billion active users for WhatsApp only in 2020, the presence on the chat app market seems appealing. Without a doubt, knowing how to build messenger properly and provide users with secure and reliable messaging service, you are highly likely to enjoy the wide-reaching popularity of chatting app makers.

HIPAA compliance and overall security

Or you can create a messenger app with unique features, starting with $160-$200K on an MVP that’s equipped to generate traction. If you plan to create a messaging app, consider partnering with other applications to augment their UX and vice versa. Usually, in-app purchases work alongside subscription tiers, which work great when customers want to try out before subscribing.

How build a cross-platform messaging app

The chat server is responsible for routing messages from sender to receiver and for administering other back-end functions that won’t be stored locally on the user’s device. If you’re building with Stream, you can choose your preferred back-end language among Golang, Python, Node (JavaScript), Ruby, Dart, PHP, or .NET to interact with the Stream Chat API. With the right developer tools, you don’t have to start your chat app build from scratch. Consider the three options below with your requirements for cost, performance, and scalability in mind. Here is a short case study for more practical information about the messaging app and the development experience.

Social media messaging: How to build a winning cross-platform strategy

Sharing messages, photos and files may not be safe especially if the platform is not powered by security technologies. Today there are secure messaging apps with end-to-end encryption built on blockchain technology that is absolutely safe and secure. Still, before thinking of making a secure app, consider whether it meets your business objectives or not.

How build a cross-platform messaging app

App users can even create routes from the starting to the destination point. Developers typically start to develop a chat app once the prototype is ready. For example, when working on a chatting app, we first need to set up the cloud infrastructure and work on the ground-level architecture basics. I’m a huge proponent of leaving the arduous task of choosing a tech stack to CTOs and lead architects. Because like any software, a chat app can be built using multiple combinations of technologies and their variations.


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How build a cross-platform messaging app

Various frameworks are available for cross-platform mobile app development, which we will discuss further in this article. As your user base grows, so does the potential for attracting malicious users. For this reason, designing with security in mind should be a top consideration from the very beginning. You can even use Single Sign-on (SSO) for the convenience of your users. You’ll also need to build a chat app with encrypted communication, or even consider building end-to-end encrypted chat capabilities. For example, to build a chat app for iOS, you would use Swift or Objective-C.

The benefits of building a chat app

You could also monetize your platform by enabling businesses to pay to have their store or restaurant featured on your app’s built-in map. As a location-based messaging app, this is a good option, as user’s can see nearby businesses and venues while browsing for new friends in the area. In addition to marketing strategies, you’ll also need to plan a way to earn revenue from your location-based messaging app.

  • Among some of the articles, you will find different posts of AppFutura team members that are not quite recurring contributors, like our CTO or our finance controller, as an example.
  • It seems like social media has more benefits — but wait, it’s not so easy.
  • If you’re looking for implementation details for a specific platform or language, please take a look at our tutorials on the developer portal.
  • This allows our developers to use the same language for both client-side and server-side development, simplifying the workflow.
  • Just like you, only a few people love jumping between messengers, and they do so only when they can get unique experiences.
  • In general, be prepared that it takes around 3-5 months to develop an MVP of the chat app.

Now you need to predict the possible user behavior scenarios regarding interaction with the mobile app. In the app stores, particularly the AppStore, the requirements for a cross-platform application will be higher, and moderation will be longer. Slower running speed is caused by the difference in the interface of the operating systems. Universality, time- and cost-effectiveness are undeniable perks of cross-platform app dev. The cross-platform app will be available for installation in both the App Store and Google Play. A cross-platform application will cost less than two separate native versions.

Test and launch your app

Before you start the cross platform app development, evaluate the code and isolate the parts that will be useful for other apps. In the development of hybrids cross platform apps, mobile app development companies use a bit of HTML5 and native programming. The core of the platform is built as an HTML5 app, but the cross platform app developer uses the WebView component found in native app SDKs to wrap the hybrid app. The WebView browser engine facilitates the rendering of the HTML5 and JavaScript. Cordova and PhoneGap are popular frameworks used to develop hybrid cross platform apps.

When will a chat app start making money?

Considering the factors deliberated in this guide, you can make well-versed decisions, select the appropriate technologies, and successfully evaluate costs. Measuring the trade-offs between development effectiveness and possible limitations in UI customization and performance optimization is essential. Guarantee unified integration between your server-side backend and these notification services to initiate push notifications successfully. Integrating push notifications improves user engagement and keeps them up-to-date about new messages.

Popular Cross-Platform App Development Frameworks

Another option is cross-platform development that implies creating a code for all the operating systems with additional platform-specific adjustments. IntelliSoft offers a range of services to develop your mobile application from scratch without missing a thing. Once you realize that this type of development is right for you, you may wonder what the key tech stack required for such applications is. If you are using React to develop your web-based application there is another option for running cross-platform, our PubNub Chat Components. Chat components provide reusable UI and data components like ‘MessageList’ and ‘MessageInput’ to easily add chat capabilities to any application. To see the React Chat Components in action please see our Group Chat demo.

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